Review: Seasum Bluetooth Speaker

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On the Black Friday before our daughter was born, my husband and I bought a Sony dock for my iPhone 4, intending to use it to play music for her. I was rather smitten with it, and I even kept that iPhone 4 after I upgraded to an iPhone 5 so that I could use it to play music over the dock. But recently I gave that old phone to my mom, rendering that old Sony dock useless. I love music–and so does our daughter–so my husband and I started researching Bluetooth speakers not long afterward. I was initially impressed with the Bose Soundlink, but then I would see Best Buy have a good daily deal on, say, a JBL, and I would change my mind. Then additional motivation arose for wanting a Bluetooth speaker: loud, cursing neighbors. Given that a new privacy fence then in the works would not solve the noise problem, we explored wind chimes and a water feature and then decided that we would also like to have a Bluetooth speaker, at least for holidays, when we found they were actually more likely to argue. We knew we should get a waterproof or at least splashproof speaker. And we wanted a good one for a reasonable price.

Not long afterward, I received a Seasum waterproof LED Bluetooth speaker at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I connected it to my computer via the USB cord to charge it, and before long, I was listening to music from my iPhone 5. Shortly thereafter, I connected it to the computer containing my music–and then I fell in love with this Bluetooth speaker. It has such a rich sound for such a small speaker (it fits in a cupholder!). Although I cannot attest to whether it is truly waterproof, I have found that it is splashproof, as it has continued to function after I splashed it while washing dishes in the kitchen and after I set it on the bathroom counter during a steamy shower. So far, I have used it for an hour period over several days and the unit has yet to be recharged. The one drawback I have found is that the speaker begins “cutting out” when my phone or computer are more than approximately 8-10 feet away from it, but other Bluetooth devices I own have similar limitations.

Reviews by Shabby Mae: Seasum Bluetooth Speaker

I typically turn off the light show when I listen to music, but my preschooler loves the lights. If I had a party outdoors at night, I would definitely turn it on.

Reviews by Shabby Mae: Seasum Bluetooth Speaker

The instruction manual could be better. However, you can generally understand the instructions. Also, if you have worked with other Bluetooth devices, this device’s set-up is intuitive anyway, as are the buttons. I would have liked to have known how long the battery would last. I would also have liked to have known from the beginning what the blue and orange light represented.

I really do love this speaker, and although I have had it only about a week, at this point I would highly recommend it. If you are interested in purchasing the speaker for yourself from Amazon, click here.  You can also check out my condensed review of this and other items on Amazon by clicking here.

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