Prepare to organize your closet.

Organizing a closet is one of the most frequently searched organization topics on Google search.  Unless you have very little clothing, this task will require some time–and some preparation.

You might begin by creating some closet dividers.  I cut some with my Silhouette Cameo and have used them to separate my clothing into the following groups:

  • Clothing I can wear and love!
  • Clothing I can wear but don’t love and should consider donating
  • Clothing I can no longer wear (and need to discard)
  • Clothing that needs maintenance (such as sweaters that need shaving or pants and shirts that need to be mended)

A simpler way to organize might be to try the Sex and the City method of closet organizing:

  • Keep
  • Toss
  • Store

I personally don’t want clothing in storage, but I have friends who store winter clothing in the summer and summer clothing in the winter.  As usual, I suggest you do what works for you.

My husband organized his closet with dividers much like mine, but his dividers are marked M, T, W, R, and F.  Each weekend, he ensures that he has enough cleaned, pressed clothing to last through the end of the week.

One more thing:  Consider using this time to replace hangers if you so choose.  I personally prefer the black non-slip hangers that are 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree.  If my budget were more hefty, I would consider wooden hangers.

Time required:  About an hour, but that time included making organizers using my Silhouette Cameo and replacing all of our plastic and wire hangers with consistent ones.


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