Sort through your shoes.

Now that you’ve sorted through your socks and undergarments, spend today sorting through all of your shoes.  If they are worn, either have them repaired or discard them.  Replace them if need be.  Also decide if you really need to keep all of your shoes.  I have friends whose pairs of shoes have reached the triple digits.  If you have as many (or just slightly less), determine if you really wear all of those.  If not, consider streamlining them.

If you’re a female, consider abandoning your high heels.  They have been bad for my ankles and my knees as well.  Talk to your doctor and weigh the benefits (if any) of wearing them.  But as I always say, “You do you.”  Just keep in mind that when you get older, you may have knee and ankle problems if you have worn high heels frequently in your younger days.  (Ask me how I know!)

Finally, if your shoe storage is less than satisfactory, figure out how you want to store your shoes.  You can store them underneath your bed or in your clothes closet.  You can use crates or Rubbermaid containers (although the latter takes up a lot of room!).  I personally store all of our family member’s shoes in a divided hanging closet organizer in our foyer closet.  This storage decision ensures that very little dirt comes in our front door.  Our outside shoes are by the back door in our garage, again so that we don’t bring dirt inside our house.  Eventually, I intend to build a bench in the garage, one that will hold our outdoor shoes, too.  I tried one of those boot trays, but it broke more quickly than I believed it should have, and I won’t replace it at this point.  (My husband and I have already built a similar storage bench for our dining room, and I’ll post pictures of it later.)

So spend some time today sorting through your shoes, and then store your shoes away tomorrow.  I’ve devoted two days to this task because you may need to go buy whatever storage method you decide on.

Time required:  About 45 minutes for me.  I tried on a pair of high-heeled shoes I thought I might want to keep and decided after wearing them for about 40 minutes that I should just sell or donate them because they were excruciatingly painful.  I’m not representative of other people, though, because I have fewer than five pairs of shoes.  Also, I established our shoe storage situation two years ago when we bought our house, so I spent no time on that task.


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