Sort through your sock drawer.

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Today’s task is easy.  Sort through your sock drawer. Discard any socks with holes in them.  Discard any socks that have (permanently lost their mates.  (Remember that clutter frequently represents postponed decisions, so if you can’t find the mate after a quick search, just toss the sock.)  And if you’re like me and plan never to wear pantyhose again, throw away any you have.

If you have some spare change and your white socks are totally dingy, consider discarding those and replacing them.  You can try washing them first with OxiWhite or bluing agent (read those directions carefully!)–or you can do what I did a few years ago and boil those babies, but I really didn’t think it helped enough to warrant trying that tactic again.

If you’re like me and you hate to waste those individual socks, consider using them for some other purpose.  For example, I have used some to apply oil-based stain to wood.  I still use my husband’s sturdy old black military socks to clean with over four years after he separated from the military.

Two more things:  I recommend using a drawer organizer for your sock drawer.  I use these, and I like them.  And when I fold clothes, I always roll my socks the way my husband was taught at boot camp.  Look up “how to roll your socks” on YouTube.  And I recommend putting your socks in a sturdy laundry bag as soon as you take them off to keep any from getting lost.

Time required:  5 minutes, but I had only six pairs of socks and three pairs of pantyhose.


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