Shred entered and cleared receipts.

Yesterday you worked on entering receipts.  Continue working on that task today if you aren’t finished.  But also work on today’s task:  After you have entered a receipt in your notebook, app, spreadsheet, or financial program and ensured it cleared your statement, do one of two things with the receipt:

  1. File it if you might need to return an item on it, if the item is under warranty, if the receipt creates a taxable event, or if there is another genuine reason to keep the receipt, OR
  2. Shred it if none of the above apply.

If you handle this task once a month, entering and then filing or shredding receipts, you’ll never have to deal with boxes of receipts again.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Time required:  About 15 minutes for several months of receipts, but I have an industrial shredder.


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