Bonus task: Program your TV channels into your guide.

Where I’m from, ABC was channel 3, CBS was channel 5, NBC was channel 10, and FOX was channel 15.  But my husband and I haven’t lived in our respective hometowns in several years, and even though we did live in this particular city several years ago, we still aren’t used to the channels here.  And we don’t have cable, which generally has a guide that would label all of those channels for us.  Given that we watch TV less than once a month, we choose to have only an antenna.

Last week, I watched American Ninja Warrior, which is on NBC.  Yesterday, I wanted to watch the Daytona 500, which was broadcast on FOX.  Both times, I had to look up the local affiliate channel using Google.  While doing so did not take me long, I did want to stop looking up this same information each time I want to watch TV.

So I programmed the information into the guide on our television.  It will be helpful on those rare occasions when we watch TV, but also will make life a little easier for our visitors this week.

Time required:  About 15 minutes, but only because I realized after I’d finished the first time that I hadn’t been saving my changes and thus had to redo the names.

Also, I handled this task during the news.  I’m glad I don’t watch every day.  It’s stressful!


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