Unsubscribe from the worst junk mail offenders.

I’ve already touched on how much I hate junk mail.  I talked yesterday about opting out of prescreen offers of credit and insurance.  Today I would encourage you to determine the worst offenders in your battle against junk mail.  Then call or e-mail these entities and ask them to remove your address from their mailing list.  In my experience, companies typically comply with the requests for removal.  (On occasion, the representative of a unsolicited catalog will tell you who sold your name.  I received a pet supplies catalog at my home address, and given we have no pets, I asked who sold my name.  The representative told me the United States Postal Service had sold my information. The United States Postal Service claims it does not sell addresses.  Who’s lying?  I don’t know.  This article is interesting, though.

One final note:  Although I’m sure there is a way to “opt out” of having my privacy sold for money by various entities, I decided to discontinue business with any companies selling my information.  As an example, I unsubscribed completely from Highlights magazine, partially because it was one of the worst offenders I encountered (partially because I am discontent with some of the changes that have taken place since I was a subscriber in my childhood).  At any rate, you may want to do the same.  Or not.  Your choice!

Time required:  About 5 minutes per offender.


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