I want to know: What do you enjoy doing but never have time to do?

There are so many things I enjoy doing, but I feel as though I never have time to do them because I’m looking for something or stressing about something that didn’t get handled or shuffling items in storage or making lists of things that need to be get done but never seem to quite get accomplished.  If all of the tasks somehow got marked off the list I could do so many things!  I’d have more time to take my child to the zoo or the aquarium or the water park!  I could travel down to the Outer Banks and gather seashells on the beach!  I could sit on the beach and breathe, taking everything in and exhaling the stress.

So I want to know:  What do you enjoy doing but never have time to do?  Hiking?  Walking on the beach? Antiquing? Gardening? Bike riding? Napping?  RVing?  Think about what you could do if you could truly declutter your life!

Post what you would love to have more time to do either here in the comments or on my (NEW!) Facebook page.



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