Continue sorting through random paper.

I talked yesterday about sorting through random paper.  Work more on this task today.  Don’t touch a piece of paper in your stack more than one more time.  Handle whatever it requires, and discard it.  If you can’t handle a particular task now, put a note on your calendar to follow up on it or research whatever it requires at a later date.  And if you absolutely need to keep the piece of paper, put it in a single folder.  Then revisit the folder weekly to ensure that you haven’t neglected any tasks that need to be handled.  For example, I keep flyers that I receive for new roofs, new back-up generators, new bathrooms, etc.  Those go into a page protector and into my three-ring binder.  We likely won’t need any of these items next year, but when we need them or want to pursue them, I have them.

Time required:  Depends on how long you have/give to work through any paper stack you may have.  As is typically the case, your mileage may vary!


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