Start sorting through random paper.

In early January, I saw a quotation on Instagram:  “Clutter is decisions postponed.”  The truth of this quotation is striking, isn’t it?  Clearly I have postponed a lot of decisions in my house.

For example, I have stacks of paper in our guest room that need to be sorted through, tasks handled, and paper shredded.  And since I have family visiting very soon, I need to get this task handled as soon as possible.  Maybe you have a similar stack or a box containing such things.  Reminders that you want to look for cheaper car insurance or improve your dental insurance when open enrollment time arrives.  Reminders that you may consider refinancing your home for a cheaper interest rate or consolidating your debts.  Reminders that you need to pull an EOB so that you can ensure you are paying the right amount to your medical provider.  Reminders that you need to log in and determine whether Plenti is even worth the hassle anymore since AT&T has reduced the number of points you get for paying your bill.

Yes, these are my reminders.  🙂  You probably have your own.

If you do, pull a piece of paper out of it, and handle that task today.  As an example, I have been receiving Dell promotions in the mail since my husband bought me a (very bad) Dell laptop on Black Friday in 2015.  I called today and put myself on their “Do not mail me” list.  I felt motivated afterward, so I scanned about a quarter inch of paper that I knew I could immediately discard.  Most of these were sheets of paper I had touched at least five times while searching for things in the stack.  I say that to say this:  You save time and hassle if you touch a piece of paper just one time, at which time you process or scan it or handle whatever task it requires, and discard or file it.  Touching it twice may be a necessity. Sometimes I have to follow up on things or I can’t handle a task until the next week because of time constraints.  But generally, you shouldn’t keep paper for an excessive period of time because you haven’t handled a task associated with it.

So sort through a paper stack if you have one, and work on not acquiring one again.  Start with a single piece of paper today.

Time required:  Less than 10 minutes to handle a single task, a couple of hours to handle enough tasks to discard a quarter inch of paper.


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