Clean out sponges.

This one is going to sound weird–or really OCD.  (I might be guilty of one or both).

I have a lot of sponges.  I have “bar mops,” which are actually just old black socks that my husband wore when he was in the Navy, and cleaning rags, which are my daughter’s old homemade burp rags.  I have generic eraser sponges (I’ll post the ones I buy and a review of them later).  I have Brillo pads.  I have plastic mesh scouring pads.  I have Simoniz sponges/pads that I use to wash dishes.

Brillo pads get tossed when they start rusting.  Erasers and plastic mesh scouring pads get discarded when they start wearing out.  But bar mops and cleaning rags sometimes need to be discarded.  I try to go through them once a year and discard ones that have holes in them or otherwise have issues.  I also have to “visit” my Simoniz sponges each year to ensure that they are still in satisfactory condition.  So if you have reusable sponges as I do, go through them today.  I’ll remind you again next year.  🙂

One more thing:  When my husband first left the Navy, I had about 30 socks as “bar mops,” but given they didn’t fit into the small basket that holds them, I decided to limit them to 10-15, and that’s way more than I use in a couple of weeks anyway.  Again, we’re decluttering during this process, and even though you could have 45 bar mops, you probably don’t need them.

Time required:  Less than 5 minutes.


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