Easy, Quick, Inexpensive Upgrades:  Replace your mismatched, outdated switchplates.

Our house was badly in need of some minor updates when we bought it.  Brass was everywhere in our living room.  5
Yes, those are brass switchplates and outlet covers.  But the rest of the house had white or beige and even broken switchplates, depending on the room.  Can you tell this switchplate is broken?


Those are supposedly unbreakable switchplates, but someone had screwed the screws too tightly.

To make the switchplates look better without spending much money, I tried painting them.


But during our holiday cleaning before Thanksgiving, I realized that cleaning them with alcohol as I typically do twice a year to remove germs would also remove the paint.

The good news:  Switchplates are not expensive. So we spent less than $10 trying out new ones.


We opted to return the screwless ones (about half our purchase) to the store. I was worried we wouldn’t remember how to take them off when we repaint.  My husband thought they were just too modern for our 1960’s ranch, and I did not disagree.

I preferred the metal switchplates, but I was sad to discover that the smaller light switch plates would not cover some slight drywall damage around our light switches.


So we chose the large white switchplate.


We think the white looks good with our walls, which are Behr’s Parchment Paper color, and our white trim.

We did find a home for the metal switchplate that didn’t cover the drywall imperfections.  This was a switchplate in the garage when we moved in.


My husband said this switchplate had character.  I still say it was just plain ugly.  It has been replaced.


And yes, we are going to replace the switches, too. After all, some are black, some are ivory, and some have been painted white. (Who paints light switches?)  More on changing out switches later.

Does your home have consistently matching switchplates?  If not, have you tried or did you try spray painting them?  Or have you just replaced yours?


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