Sort through (and maybe dispose of) your throw pillows.

Today’s task is an easy one for those of you who are still working on updating January’s financial records.  If you’ve already finished that task, you’ll find this one easy but also discover you could get rid of a few items from your house in the process.

Do you have tons of throw pillows?  We have far too many in our household.

For example, we received two throw pillows with the comforter set my husband bought me for our room at Christmas in 2013.  I already had four or five that transferred nicely from our previous quilt set.  But last year, I decided I was tired of removing so many pillows from our bed every night.  So I simplified and bought a super nice quilt at Marshalls that included just two pillow shams.  (I found matching throw pillows at another Marshalls about a year later, but decided not to reacquire something I’d chosen to get rid of.)

Further, when we first married, I had 3-4 throw pillows for our couch.  I bought several others over the years.  No one could sit on the couch with all of them, so I even bought a basket to store them in beside the couch.  Then I found two lovely pillows for $15 at Big Lots, ones that almost exactly matched the nice rug I bought at Lowe’s for our living room.  I bought those.  And then I put five in the yard sale stack.  Both my husband and my daughter use one or two pillows for their heads when they lie on the couch, but the eight we had previously were just too many.

So today I encourage you to get rid of some throw pillows if the only purpose they serve is to clutter your house (and require periodic washing).  If you don’t need them or at least don’t absolutely love them, donate them or put them in a stack for your next yard sale.

Time required:  30 minutes, and that included time buying the new pillows and marveling over how well they match the rug.  🙂


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