Set up a few boxes for donations, yard sales, etc.

Find a few boxes–banker’s boxes, Amazon boxes (my favorites!), whatever.  Put them somewhere you can’t miss them.  Because in the coming weeks, you are going to be using them to help you direct where items go:  to be donated to the local thrift store, to your garage for a spring garage sale or for listings on Craigslist or Etsy, or anywhere else you find you will be sending a lot of your items.  (I actually have a basket in our foyer closet that I use for outgoing items, but it’s too small for the level of tossing to be done here. More on that later.  Your mileage may vary, too.)  At any rate, set up the boxes, and label them, preferably with a Sharpie or other marker to save time.

Time required:  Around 10 minutes, but I actually had to locate the sole Amazon box I hadn’t put into recycling last week.


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