A clutter-free Valentine’s Day

In case you missed it, Valentine’s Day is Tuesday.

I like Valentine’s Day, but it can bring lots of clutter with it:  stuffed animals that might sit on a shelf or in a closet and collect dust and mites, candy that might never actually be eaten depending on what kind you get, or just cards that you might feel too sentimental to throw away.


So this year, consider giving your time to your loved ones.  Take your kids on a fun outing.  Make an agreement to sit on the couch with your spouse after the kids have gone to bed and talk–sans phones or other electronic devices–for an hour for a week.

Or if you’re insistent on buying gifts, perhaps make your gifts somewhat useful:  This year, my husband replaced my engagement ring with a bigger, flashier, and cheaper version to wear in public, one I have no fear of losing or of being stolen.  As for our daughter, we buy her a book or two and one nice, simple piece of jewelry for the future each year.  She already has multiple sets of classic hoops and studs and now has a set of aquamarine (her birthstone) earrings for when she is older.

What clutter-free Valentine’s Day gift would you like to receive this Valentine’s Day?


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