Update your bill paying checklist.

In January, I suggested creating a bill paying checklist.  Today, pull out that checklist you created, and review it with your statements.  Did everything get paid–actually debited from your bank account(s)–in January?  (I hope so!)  Were there any bills you forgot to include?  Add them to the bottom list now!  Then create a new bill paying checklist for February.  Write a new one if you have a handwritten list; print an updated form if you typed it.  (I have a form with all of my bills and due dates pre-typed.)  I suggest putting your bills in due date order.  After you’ve updated your bill list, pull the January statements you’ve downloaded or gathered this past week and ensure that you’ve inserted the correct amounts for the month.  Finally, schedule/pay your bills for February.  I pay all my bills once per month before the 10th of the month when my unscheduled bills not on auto debit are due.  (I actually handled this task on the 9th!)  But you do whatever works for you, making sure all the bills get paid.

At this point, the procedure should be established for paying your bills.  Beginning on the first of March, I’ll remind you in a blog post each month to print a new checklist.

One more thing:  If you’re interested in a concise bill pay checklist that you can just print each month (or once a year), check out my bill pay checklist/organizer/tracker.  I’m selling it at my store over at Bridget E Creations, and two downloadable checklists–one monthly, one yearly–are just $1.00.

Time required:  30 minutes because I had to revise my list in date order.


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