Learning Resources: Counting with Cow, distributed by Big Box Entertainment

I have no idea who wrote this book because it notes only that it was illustrated by Hannah Wood and distributed by Big Box Entertainment.  But this was one of the first books my daughter ever received, and it helped her with learning to count.  It’s also good for tiny ones because it is a lift-the-flap book.

Numbers (1-5):  This book can help you teach your child numbers 1-5 and how to count to five.  I also introduced addition with this book:  Two animals + two hiding animals = four animals total.

Animals:  This book can help you introduce farm animals to your child.  Each time I read the book to my child, I made sure to talk to her about where the animals lived and what sounds they made.  I also pointed out that hens are girl/female chickens as opposed to roosters.

Rhyming:  As with many children’s books, the meter in this book rhymes.  I used the words in the book to quiz my daughter on picking out the rhyming words.

Hannah Wood did such a great job of illustrating this book; it’s so bright and colorful, and the animals are lovely.  As with many of our books, this one went away quickly because my daughter was able to read it at a relatively young age.


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