File your home warranty documents–or contemplate buying a home warranty if you don’t have one.

Today is the last day I’m allotting for downloading or gathering statements.  Mine are all downloaded with the exception of my husband’s recent pay stubs, and I can’t access those myself.  (All I can do is keep nagging, I guess.)  So today I suggest another relatively easy task for those of you who need to finish downloading or gathering those last few statements.

Today is National Home Warranty Day.  Do you have a home warranty?  We still have the one that the seller paid for when we bought our house.  It runs out this year, however, so we will either be renewing with our current company (2-10) or finding another warranty with another company (American Home Shield is popular with my husband’s co-workers, and our mortgage company has its own home warranty, actually, so we have options).  We aren’t sure yet what we’re going to do, but we have no intention of not having a warranty until we’ve built our savings a bit more than we currently have.  Although we have not used it yet, our house is 50+ years old, and we know what could need to be replaced on any given day (HVAC system? Or maybe the washer and dryer that are fickle at best?).  We have the maintenance records for the home and know that everything has been well-maintained but that the large water heater, the HVAC system, etc. are older.  The only reason we haven’t used our warranty at this point is that my husband is pretty handy around the house.  He has fixed numerous problems that have arisen to save us hassle and time.

At any rate, if you have a home warranty, gather your paperwork today and put it with your insurance policies if you haven’t already.  If you don’t have a home warranty, do some research and consider getting one if your budget allows and your situation warrants one.  (Here’s an article I found informative on the subject.  I didn’t write it.  And your mileage may vary.)

Time required:  Depends on your situation.  I spent about 15 minutes gathering my documents from this year and the previous years.  If you don’t have a warranty and think one is not for you or you cannot work the payment into your budget, you will spend very little time on this task.  If you research and decide to purchase a policy, you could put an hour or two into this task.

Do you have a home warranty in place?  Have you had any good or bad experiences with them?  Please post your thoughts, whether for or against, and any honest experiences you have had with a home warranty in the comments below!


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