Throw away something else.

Yesterday, I urged you to throw away something that gave you more hassle than it was worth.  Today, I urge you to throw away something else–something with sentimental value.

I am the world’s worst at keeping just about anything because of its sentimental value.  Receipts from my first date with my husband.  The handouts my obstetrician gave me when I was pregnant with my daughter.  My child’s drawings.

But you can’t keep everything.  Well, you can, but you will never live a decluttered, simple life if you do.

So today, I suggest you find something that you can scan or take a picture of and then discard the item.  For me, scanning a page or two of each of my child’s coloring books enabled me to feel comfortable recycling them rather than keeping and storing them.  I scan them, date them, save them to our hard drive (more on how we back that up later), and then dispose of them.  As another example, I finally threw away the informative handouts my OB gave me five years ago when I was pregnant with my child.  I don’t need them.  The information may be outdated.  And I would rather save the space for various crafts my daughter has made.  Their sentimental value just isn’t that high in comparison.

One more example:  My first coin bank was a really awesome talking plastic bank with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd on it.  I kept it until 2015, when we moved and I started purging.  The characters no longer talked.  And the battery cover was missing.  And it didn’t match my daughter’s things at all.  I wasn’t able to sell it, so I discarded it.  I did take a picture of it so I will always have something to remember it by.  But it’s no longer taking up space in my house, begging to be dusted.

So do it.  Find something you can get rid of without feeling too much guilt.  Document it with a picture or a scan if you need to.  Then get rid of it.

Time required:  15 minutes to scan one coloring book.  Obviously, your mileage may vary.

One more thing:  Keep downloading those statements!  I know some of you are still working on that task!


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