Throw away something.

Again, some people are still downloading statements–or trying to find where they put their paper copies–so I’m suggesting another easy task today, something I thought was fun.

Find something to throw away.  Not something valuable, obviously.  Something next to useless that you’ve been hanging onto for whatever reason.  Something that costs you more time or hassle than it’s worth.

Today, I threw away a rug my husband bought me in 2015.  It was on my Amazon Christmas  wish list that year.  It was dark brown, allegedly a memory foam mat, and pretty cheap.  The previous memory foam mat I had was (is!) still in use, but it is ivory, and keeping it clean requires washing it multiple times a week during the summers.  (We go barefoot and/or wear flip-flops around here!  Dirty feet happen.)  The previous memory foam mat was $6 on Black Friday in 2012, and this one was around $4-ish.  I thought it would be okay, but after a year of weekly washing, the back of it completely disintegrated in the washer, leaving shreds of nasty stuff all over my clothes.  And yet I kept it because I thought, “Well, I’ll use it one more time and then throw it away.”  Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.  Right?

Today, it went in the garbage.  All of my other mats are white or ivory, but washing them a few times a week in the summer is worth not having to wash clothes multiple times because of a disintegrating memory foam backing.  There is no reason to use it one more time.  Because inevitably my husband may throw it in the laundry not realizing my plans, and then we have another load of clothes that have to be washed again because they are covered in gunk.  And ultimately, I can look for another mat that is higher quality and a dark color.  (I’ll review the one I threw away on Amazon at some point so that I can warn other people.)

As another example, when we moved into this house in April 2015, I bought a clear non-slip bath mat.  It was gorgeous when new, but before long, it was dirty, dirty, dirty.  I had a very young and not-quite-potty trained child at the time, so when she had accidents in the tub, I just threw it in my (relatively old, top-loading) washer.  The washer actually cleaned the mat fairly well and did very little harm to it.  But eventually, the mat picked up a haze and looked as though it hadn’t been washed even when it just was.  I soaked it in bleach once or twice–and I don’t do that much because bleach is something I try not to use much in this house.  And then the day came when I tossed that thing in the garbage and bought non-stick adhesive decals.  I haven’t regretted that decision.  The decals we bought are relatively modern looking, not like the pink whales in my bathroom tub when I was a child in the 1980’s.  And I have to clean the tub anyway, so I just scrub them at the same time.

Do it.  Find something in your house that you keep holding onto that just really needs to go because it requires too much maintenance or is just falling apart.  Replace it if you need to.

Time required:  Less than 5 minutes.  🙂


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