Take inventory of your house keys.

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It’s Sunday, so today I give you what could be a very easy task.  It could also be a very difficult task, however, given your situation.

When I first posted about my new house on this blog, I advised that the first thing a new home owner should do after closing on a new house is to change the exterior door locks.  We did change our exterior locks the day we closed on the house.  But our storm doors have very old locks that aren’t easily rekeyed, so we decided to wait on those.  These storm doors had a lot of keys that were handed over at closing.  We put some on our keychains, and we put some in a safe location in case we were to get locked out.  Then we put the rest in an envelope in a page protector in a three-ring binder in our safe.  We even included a note with the keys confirming that no one else has any copies of any of the keys to the new locks we installed in this house.

So today, you should take inventory of your house keys.  Where are your outstanding keys?  Who has them?  Do you want them back?  Do you need to rekey your locks because you have no idea how many different people have keys to your house?  Do you have extra keys to be placed in a safe?  Handle this task today.

Time required:  Fifteen minutes because all we had to do was type and print a note about the lack of outstanding keys and put the storm door keys in an envelope in our safe.


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