Bonus task: Stock up on ink cartridges or toner.

I always run out of printer ink or toner when I least need to.  How about you?  I decided last year after running out of ink while trying to print my daughter’s birthday party decorations that I would no longer have to make a quick run to the store for ink or toner or to have to wait two days for Amazon Prime to deliver a cartridge if I simply stocked up on the cartridges I knew I would need anyway.  I shopped around for the best price, and I bought one of each cartridge my printer uses.  Now when I switch out a cartridge, I order another immediately so that I have it handy when I need it.  I store them in my filing cabinet.  They take up so little space and save me so much time, stress, and frustration that I figure the clutter is worth it.

Time required:  Fifteen minutes for me to order the cartridges for my Epson WF-3520 all-in-one printer from Amazon.  (Note:  More on this all-in-one later; it’s still working, but I don’t necessarily recommend it.)


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