February 1st: It’s the first day of the month!

January has come and gone, and today is the first day of February.  Think about what tasks you can do today–and every first day of the month–to keep your household running smoothly.  For example, I will handle the following small tasks today:

  • Change toothbrushes if necessary.  (I change my husband’s and my own toothbrush in January, April, July, and October, but my preschooler is rough on her toothbrushes, and I typically have to change those monthly or every other month.)
  • I use the first day of the month to change out my Venus razor blade.  Otherwise, I’ll never remember to change razor blades until I shave and still have tons of stubble.  🙂
  • Fill up toiletries bottles.  I use today to fill the soap dispensers in the bathrooms.  We also have permanent shampoo and body wash bottles, so I fill those today as well.
  • Wash reusable shopping bags.
  • Change out the boxes of baking soda in the refrigerator and freezers.

I handle financial details a few days after the first because I have a credit card that doesn’t close until the 2nd and that statement isn’t available until the 3rd at the earliest.  I update our net worth and our debt and savings snowballs at that time as well.

We’ll keep adding items to this list every month until your household is running like clockwork.  Stay tuned!

Time required:  Less than 15 minutes.


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