End of the month:  Consider buying something to make your life easier.  

If you have stuck with me every day, you are already a month into decluttering and organizing your life.  If your budget allows, I would suggest rewarding yourself with an item that will make your life easier.  You might have to think a bit about what that item would be.

As an example, my husband and I recently replaced our five-year-old measuring spoons.  The ones we had previously couldn’t be put in the dishwasher–and one’s handle had broken off.  Our new ones were a bit costly, but they are one piece and dishwasher-safe.  No more will I glue handles back on, and no longer will I hand wash measuring cups with thick peanut butter or other substances on them.  What a time-saver!  Last year, my husband and I bought enough chargers for our iPhones and iPad to be able to charge all of them in the house and both vehicles at the same time.  We never have to worry about finding cords now.  Or maybe you might even buy something expensive. For example, earlier last year, we bought enough car seats for both of our vehicles and one for my parents’ vehicle for our (plane) trips there. Expensive?  Yes!  But not having to check a car seat makes flights to visit my parents so much easier!  

If your budget just won’t allow you to buy anything–and I totally get that; I’ve been there!–figure out something you can do without spending money to make life easier. Maybe you could tweak your schedule so that you get more sleep or change a procedure in your house so laundry is a smoother process.  (Sleep always make life easier and less stressful, in my opinion.)  Maybe you can attach your surge protector to your entertainment center to contain the TV and other cords.  The change could be very simple.  Here’s a slightly ridiculous example:  I recently decided to quit wasting time and energy trying to grow my nails.  For my creations in my Etsy store, I use a lot of wood stain, and even though I wear disposable gloves, my fingernails get so dirty.  Keeping them short will make them easier to clean and will keep me from scratching my little girl on accident from time to time.

What could you buy or do that would save you time or reduce stress in your home?  Post below!


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