Gather your prior year tax documents. 

I am posting an easy and quick task today to help out those of you who are still working on shredding. 

You have been receiving your tax documents for last year over the last month, right?  It’s time to gather those.  Scan them, and put them in a folder or envelope until you file your taxes.  (I am sure you know that you should then scan those taxes and put them in your safe, potentially in the same envelope.  If you don’t have an accountant who will give you a fancy folder, save yourself some time here and label that envelope with “Taxes – 2016” now.)
I save myself a step here and request that as many of my tax documents as possible be sent to me online; then I need only print and gather them. Some of you won’t feel comfortable getting documents online, and I understand that. As I have said frequently, you do you.  I do recommend scanning the paper ones because if you have a fire or other carastrophe, you may wish you had copies.  The transcript copies the IRS frequently sends in response to copies for requests are (in my opinion, anyway) just not as good.  

Time required:  About 15 minutes for me, but I scan my paper documents as they come in the mail, so I just had to access and print the electronic copies and put them in a large envelope in my safe. 


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