Keep working on it.

Maybe you haven’t finished shredding the receipts from yesterday.  Or maybe you had to order a safe and it just came in and you need to file various things (insurance documents, passports, social security cards and birth certificates, vehicle titlesreal estate recordsmilitary records, credit cards) in it.  Maybe you’ve decided you want to design or create yourself a nice menu plan page or board.  Whatever your story, you may be behind on the tasks we’ve been doing every day.  So today, I tell you to keep working on it.  I’m going to give you a few days to catch up.

If you’re caught up and impatient, feel free to do something you find productive.  Maybe sort through your sock drawer and get rid of the socks that have lost mates.  Or throw away your hole-y underwear (if you have any).  Or clean out your silverware drawer.  We’ll do these things later in the year, but if you’re antsy, get a head start over the next day or two.

I’ll be back in a few days.  I pinky swear.

See you in a day or two!  Happy organizing!


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