My Homeschooling Journey: In the beginning . . .

I am a product of the public school system.  I had some really awesome teachers (most of whom are now retired).  I had some really bad teachers (who are actually administrators now).  I have a great knowledge of English (although I majored in English, so that probably helped).  I have a good background in math.  I have a horrible grasp of science–really, really horrible.  My geography and world history knowledge are seriously lacking.  And my American history knowledge is based on my emphasis on American literature in college and on the numerous vacations my parents took me on to Civil War battlefields across the South.  If it happened in the United States after Appomattox, please don’t ask me.  No, seriously.  Did I mention that I graduated near the top of my class and had almost a perfect ACT score?  That I got a full ride to college and most of a full ride to grad school?  In other words, I’m no dummy.  But I memorized for the test and forgot much of what I learned.

I want better for my daughter.

My husband was homeschooled.  His knowledge of history and science seems almost boundless some days.  His geography, history, and knowledge of current and recent events won him a job that many with whom he graduated would love to have.  He does have weak spots:  math, grammar, and spelling, for instance.  But as a whole, I feel as though his education was significantly better than mine.

And I want that for my daughter.  I also want her not to be bullied, not to be pressured into ridiculous mistakes, not to be exposed to things our family doesn’t agree with until after she’s grounded enough to deal with them.  I don’t want her to have a boyfriend in third grade the way many of the girls in my church youth group does.  I want school to be the focus when she’s learning.

And I have an education degree.  So I’m going to homeschool her.

In fact, we’ve been doing a lot of educational activities since she was born and particularly since I quit working.  She knows her letters and their sounds.  She can already read.  She is already learning to add.  She knows all of her continents; she knows the moon phases and the planets and the dwarf planets.  She’s pretty ahead of the game.

But on Monday, our focus will sharpen.

I started a few days ago by joining several local homeschooling groups on Facebook.  And today, I printed our state’s standards for kindergarten and put them in–if you’ve been reading this blog for the last few weeks, you know exactly what I’m going to say!–a three-ring binder.  I will work this weekend on creating my own lesson plan template.

I am excited!

And I will journey our path to homeschooling here.  More later.  🙂


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