Find and file receipts for your items under warranty. 

Gather the receipts that you collected yesterday.  Go through them–perhaps while you are watching television?–and pull out any receipts for items covered by a warranty. For example, my husband and I have kept receipts for our lawn mower, our generator, our TV, and our phones and tablets.

Then put these in an envelope or file folder in your safe.  (I talked about getting a safe here.)  Why?  Sometimes these can be very important. Late last year, my Seal-a-Meal food saver stopped working while it was still under warranty. So I used the receipt to prove that my husband had purchased it less than a year ago, and Jarden Home Brands sent me another. I would never have found that receipt if I hadn’t had a system for organizing my receipts. So I’m serious:  Put those receipts away, and every time you buy a new major item with a warranty, file the receipt away with these.

Time required:  I did this task for three years of receipts last year. Total time spent was several hours.


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