Find an envelope (or boxes, if you need them) for your receipts.

I hate receipts.  They are little pieces of paper that can become big piles of paper if you don’t deal with them consistently.  I know.  I spent several days reviewing and shredding three years of receipts last summer.  Also, some stores are starting to get stricter about returns without receipts, so saving your receipts in a single location is a good idea just in case you want to return something.  Again, don’t be like me.  I needed to return some things to Michaels about two years ago and kept the receipt in my cup holder until my daughter got carsick and ruined it. Michaels gave me clearance price rather than full price on the items because the receipt couldn’t be read.

So find an envelope to start putting all of your receipts in.  And it needs to be a relatively large envelope like a manila envelope, not your typical envelope.  Perhaps you could use the one your recent Amazon Blu-Ray purchase came in.  Mine is a very large white envelope I had leftover from a business venture I closed a few years ago.
The goal is to get all of your receipts in a single location so that you can go through them once a month (or more often, if that makes you feel better).

If you have a lot of receipts to go through (and again, if you do, I totally get it), put whatever ones that don’t fit in the envelope in a box.  If you stay with me, you’ll go through them soon.

Time required:  Less than 10 minutes, and only because I couldn’t find the box of envelopes.  I wanted to give you an easy task today just in case you need time to catch up on the previous few days of tasks.


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