Organize your savings programs income.

I participate in a lot of savings programs.  For your edification program, these are the primary ones:

Most of the time, I shop through the links (Ebates or UPromise) or scan in my receipts (Ibotta, Mobisave, and Checkout51) with no issues.  But once in a while, I have an issue–and I personally need a chart to keep up with those occasional issues.  So today, I’d suggest creating a list of these programs, the dates you shop online through Ebates or UPromise or submit receipts for rebates to Ibotta or Mobisave or Checkout51, and what you actually earned after you receive your confirmation.

One more thing:  I’d also recommend including the submission of your receipts in your weekly shopping schedule.  For example, I transfer my shopping list to my app, organize my coupons, go shopping, unload my groceries, and then immediately submit my receipts to Ibotta, Mobisave, and Checkout51 and log the submissions, all within a couple of hours.

Time required:  10 minutes to create the list.

Note:  At the end of 2017, I’ll post how much I’ve made from these programs all year for those of you who want to know.  I’ve never kept track by year, but given that I now have a list, I’ll be keeping track this year.  Also, I’ll post my printable savings program tracker in my Etsy store soon.


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