Discard expired coupons.  

Let’s spend a couple of days organizing your coupons, if you use them.  Start by sorting through your coupons and placing all of the expired ones in the recycling bin.  Then make a plan to discard expired coupons once a month.  I handle this process on my first shopping day each month.

If you have recently expired coupons, you may wish to send them to Coups for Troops.  Troops overseas can use expired coupons for several months after their expiration.  Check out the Coups for Troops web site for more details and addresses where you can send expired coupons.  If you choose to pursue this option, I would recommend creating an envelope in a word processing program with your local Coups for Troops address. Then spend a few minutes each month printing an envelope and placing the previous month’s coupons inside it.  I mail my envelope every other month.

I have a relative who clips coupons but does not organize them, and she has years of expired coupons piled in a box. If you have a similar scenario, I would urge you to dump the box into recycling and start over.

Time required:  I established my sorting process years ago, so now I spend less than 15 minutes on this task each month.


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