Declutter your writing utensils.

Today is Saturday (and we have a blizzard on our hands here!), so let’s do something easy–and give some of you a chance to catch up.

Do you have pens all over your house and vehicles?  I’m sorry to say that I find myself in this state every six months or so.  My husband tends to pull a different pen from my pen jars every time he needs one, and then he leaves them everywhere.  And since we had literally hundreds of pens strewn across the house and his car, I decided fixing that problem was a simple task that, for me, could make big impact.

The task itself is simple:  Gather all your writing utensils, test each one on a scrap piece of paper, and discard the ones that no longer work.  I also donated the ones that didn’t write as smoothly as I like.  And in the process, I was able to discard one of my handmade pen cans that had been damaged in a move.  (Score!)

Time required:  15 minutes.


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