Assemble a calendar.

You need a calendar.  Maybe you already have a calendar from the local feed store or your insurance agent.  Or maybe you’ll need or want to download one from online so you can print it for a notebook you’re eventually going to put together.  Either way, you need to find a calendar you feel comfortable writing on.  So if you’re like my parents and keep the Shutterfly calendars your daughter makes you every year, consider not using it for this task.

Grab a pen, and start writing important dates on that calendar.  And I don’t even really mean your spouse’s birthday or your anniversary, although those are very important dates.  I mean important dates in your responsible adult life.  Like these:

  • The day your property taxes must be paid by.
  • The day non-typical bills like your house insurance, flood insurance, automobile insurance (if you pay it every six months as we do), life insurance (if you pay it yearly as we do), etc. are due.  Don’t put all your monthly bills on this calendar; we’ll create a separate bill checklist very soon.
  • Your upcoming doctor, dentist, and optometrist appointments.
  • The days you need to schedule certain doctor, dentist, and optometrist appointments.  For example, I get my eyes examined every year in mid-January, and I need to call at the beginning of January to schedule the appointment.
  • The day your pest control contract or HVAC maintenance contract needs to be renewed.
  • The days you need to replace your toothbrush.  🙂

Get the picture?  You need some place to remind yourself of these important dates in advance, something you can look at all at once.

Time required:  60 minutes, but that included designing and printing my own calendar.  I’ll have it for sale in my separate Etsy store at some point for purchase.


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