Print your insurance cards.

Disclaimer:  The links below are affiliate links, meaning that I may get a commission if you click on them and purchase anything through Amazon.  Any commissions I am paid cost you no additional money and help me continue my blogging efforts.  Thanks!  

Our family’s dental and vision insurance renews each year on January 1st, and our automobile insurance renews during the early days of January and July as well.  It just makes sense for me to print my insurance cards, laminate them, and put them in my wallet on the first day or two of January.  But you should, too.  If you do this task and calendar it yearly, you should never find yourself at the doctor’s office, urgent care, emergency room, dentist’s office, or optometrist’s office without them again. (My optometrist’s staff tells me that people rarely have their cards when they go for their appointments, and I know I’ve seen people at the ER without their insurance information.) Just as important is to have your insurance card handy in the case of an unfortunate vehicle collision or speeding ticket.  Just make sure if you pull any of these cards out for any reason, you replace them.  In fact, I keep my wallet in my hand until the staff at my doctor’s, dentist’s, or optometrist’s office hands my card back to me.  You may want to consider establishing the same habit.

Since you’ll be printing your automobile insurance card today, also take a minute to print out your declarations page for your automobile insurance today.  You’ll need it tomorrow.

I do recommend laminating your cards.  I have had a Scotch TL-901 laminator for approximately three years, and it’s been a workhorse.  It is no longer available as a new item, but I know other people who swear by the newer Scotch laminator or by the Amazon Basics laminator.  Your mileage may vary.  (By the way, the laminating pouches I use are these less expensive Amazon Basics ones.)

To cut your cards down (whether you are laminating or not), you can use scissors or make the work go faster with a Guillotine-style paper cutter, like the Fiskars one I have.  If you are a crafter, I would recommend getting a larger one than mine.  If you aren’t a crafter, the one I have will likely work just fine.  I use it to make quick work of cutting coupons, too.  More on that another day.

Time required:  60-90 minutes for me, but that included changing passwords on all of our insurance accounts for the year.  (Again, more on that another day.)


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