Review: Viva Naturals Organic Shea Butter

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER:  This review contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click on a product link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission to help support this blog and my family at no extra cost to you.  For this particular review, I received the item for free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.  

I am a Florida girl, and I love going barefoot.  But the older I get, the more I find that my feet don’t love being barefoot. My feet tend to crack easily, and I have to keep them scrubbed and moisturized daily–in the summer, multiple times daily–to keep them looking their best.

When I was offered Viva Naturals organic shea butter for free for my honest review, I gladly accepted it. It arrived last week, and I have been using it since then.  I have found that while it is greasy upon application, it absorbs fairly well and does a good job at keeping my feet smooth.  Since we are currently in the middle of summer, I swim in the pool with my little one every day and use this lotion afterward before putting on a pair of thick socks. I try to put another coat of this shea butter on each evening and put socks back on for a while.  (Well, before I rip them off because I cannot stand wearing socks at night!)

Reviews by Shabby Mae: Viva Naturals Organic Shea Butter

I have ordered shea butter previously for lotions for my preschooler after she was born.  I prefer this shea butter to the butters I used in the past.  It is creamy and not gritty and has a nice scent.  In fact, I intend to buy more and to use it to make all those beauty recipes I have pinned on Pinterest.  If you are interested in purchasing Viva Naturals organic shea butter for yourself from Amazon, click here.  You can also check out my condensed review of this and other items on Amazon by clicking here.  (I would appreciate your clicking on the “Helpful” button if you see my review and find it helpful.)

Have you ever used shea butter rather than a “typical” lotion?  Or do you use it to make your own lotions?


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