Review: Chantel Ray Real Estate

Having had a few bad experiences with realtors in the past, my husband and I knew that choosing an attentive and helpful realtor was important to us.  A friend recommended a realtor, but for whatever reason, that realtor did not return my husband’s phone calls or e-mails.  (Maybe she was super busy?)  So when my husband called the realtor on the for sale sign of a home we were interested in and someone from Chantel Ray’s office immediately called back and offered her assistance on our house journey, we were thrilled.  Thus, we used Chantel Ray’s office–and specifically Kathleen Chilton–for our home journey.

Reviews by Shabby Mae:  Chantel Ray Real Estate

Kathleen was very helpful as my husband visited house after house after house–and sometimes visited houses a second and third time.  She did not express any frustration when my husband and I ultimately decided on a house we had previously visited multiple times.  And she gave us a lot of great information to work with as we put an offer in and negotiated the sale price of the house.  More importantly, at closing, she really went to bat for us, getting us money back we did not expect to receive and even battling the lender over paperwork that had not been handled properly or timely.

We would give Chantel Ray Real Estate and more specifically Kathleen Chilton five of five stars without hesitation.  When the time comes to list this house and buy another, we will seek out Kathleen again.

You can check out the condensed review of Chantel Ray Real Estate on my Yelp page.

Did you have a great experience with your realtor?  Do you wish you had used someone else?


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