Home Schooling/Home Education Resources: Independence Day/July 4th

Compiled by Shabby Mae: Home Education/Home Schooling Resources: Independence Day/July 4th

Happy Independence Day!  I intend to spend the rest of this week working on an Independence Day/July 4th unit with my preschooler.  You can find lots of free resources online to help you teach your young learner about Independence Day, and I have culled from the Internet some of the best of those resources here:

I have not tried the following resources yet, whether because I had similar resources already printed or because they were too advanced for my preschooler.  Nonetheless, they look promising:

Some more ideas:  I would suggest checking out the compilation of kids 4th of July crafts over at Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound Reading for some fun and creative ideas of art projects and crafts to do with your little ones.  You can find some great sensory bin ideas and other similar activities at Counting Coconuts.  And you can wrap up your unit with a parade and/or a birthday party for the United States; check out those ideas and more at Beautiful in His Time.

As a final note, just in case you have a child with special needs–or any child, really, who may get a little anxious about the fireworks, check out six tips for dealing with sensitive kids and fireworks by Growing Hands-on Kids.

Note:  If you offer free July 4th/Independence Day resources on your blog and would like those to be included in this compilation, please contact me.  At this time, I do not include in my unit compilations premium resources or resources where numerous files must be downloaded individually unless the user has a premium account (sorry, but I don’t have time for that, and I suspect other parents do not either).  My intention is to update this compilation each year, so even if your resources were not listed when I first published it in 2016, I would be glad to add them for later years.


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