Do You Have a Set of Spare Keys?

Last year, I locked myself out of the house–with a dead battery in our keypad lock and my cell phone still inside the house.  My two-year-old daughter was inside the house, but because she had her Kindle, she was not at all interested in opening the door for me.  I had a small panic attack before asking the neighbor to call my husband to return home with his key.  More recently, another neighbor locked her two kids and herself out of their house, and she used our phone to call her own husband.  It happens to the best of us, right?  But I would like to be proactive and take steps to avoid being locked out again.


The solution is simple.  I use MinuteKey at Lowe’s, and for as much as $3.00 plus tax per key (less if you are making more than one key), you can easily and quickly make a spare set of keys and place them somewhere in your shed or garage or crawlspace so that you always have a way in if you lock yourself out.  (Alternatively, you can give a set to loved ones, but I would advise keeping track of who has a set of spare keys and also making sure you completely trust the persons you entrust with your keys.)

Clearly I am not going to post where our spare keys are.  But my husband and I both know, and I can nearly guarantee you a burglar would not find them.  Also, we have two spare keys, one for our storm door and one for our actual door, and each is in a different location.  As I have mentioned before, we are all about safety.  If we were to need to tell someone the location of our spare keys–for example, if we were on vacation and someone needed to enter the house for some reason–we would move them to an entirely different location.

One more thing:  When I locked myself out of the house, I started carrying my keys with me when I went outside.  But now I no longer carry my keys around with me since I know I have spare keys where I can reach them.

Do you have spare keys somewhere on your property or left with a loved one just in case you lock yourself out?  Post in the comments!


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