Review: Shower Curtain Liners at Dollar Tree

Around five years ago, I bought my first fabric shower curtain.  I was naive enough not to use a liner with it, and despite washing it regularly, within a year the bottom quarter of the curtain was covered in mildew.  I tried washing the curtain multiple times–even soaking it in straight bleach–but was unsuccessful at getting rid of all the mildew.  I was pregnant and nesting, so I discarded it and bought a new all-white fabric one.  In an attempt to avoid the same problems with the new curtain, I started buying inexpensive curtain liners from Dollar Tree to use with it.  I have not had to replace another fabric shower curtain since.

Durability is the main issue with these curtain liners; they are quite flimsy.  When my husband was deployed and when my toddler was just a baby, these liners lasted quite a while–one lasted without ripping or tearing for a year!  Now that my family shares a single tub and shower, my husband is home every day, and my baby has become a rambunctious three-year-old, these do not last nearly as long.  On occasion, they have lasted less than a month because of tearing.  Only rarely have I used this shower curtain liner without an actual curtain, and it worked for my use.

I have never tried to clean these curtain liners because, for the price, frankly, I would just replace them.  Regardless, I have not had any issues with mildew or soap scum with these.

Ultimately, these work as liners, and certainly the price is right, but because I am trying to reduce my family’s footprint, I am exploring longer-lasting options.

A final note:  If you prefer white liners as I do, you should stock up when you find them because on occasion, I have been unable to locate any other than beige at any of our local Dollar Tree stores.


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